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Team Supercharger is part of the Venture Activist Kit, which make advanced Fortune 500 Marketing and Management Systems accessible and affordable for small and medium sized businesses. Team Supercharger Reports integrate the knowledge and expertise of some the most innovative psychometric professionals in the industry (review their Certifications in the right column) to provide more comprehensive insight into specific employee behavior than any competing system.


Team Supercharger Technology

Team Supercharger Programs are based upon the Power Soft Skills Inventory System (patent pending) which is the only Employee Behavior Assessment System that successfully combines Trait Theory with Personality Typology to provide a complete perspective of both an individuals overall disposition with others (very useful for group evaluation and management), and their specific tendencies in various professional situations (very useful for a single individual’s evaluation and management). This is a computerized system consisting of an Online Team Supercharger Questionnaire, which feeds participant responses into an automated assembly of the 2 available Team Supercharger Reports (one for Hiring Intelligence and the other for Professional Advancement) providing complex psychometric evaluations in a simple, plain-language format that anyone can interpret and apply.


Team Supercharger Effectiveness

Team Supercharger Reports enable employers to apply “Regulatory Best Practices” while addressing behavioral concerns with employees during job interviews or performance evaluations, to avoid any implication of subjective bias or personal opinion, as each Team Supercharger Report is produced by the same computerized algorithm, based upon the participant’s own self-evaluation (“I’m not saying it, the report says it, based upon the information you provided”). Team Supercharger Reports present deficiencies in a participant’s Work Habits and Interpersonal Style alongside glowing reports of their positive attributes, including Professional Advancement recommendations, enabling managers to express praise and admiration during reviews, while gaining agreement on the improvements that are suggested in the Team Supercharger Report (or justifying a hiring decision to candidates who were not chosen).


Team Supercharger Accuracy

Team Supercharger Reports are significantly more accurate that competing Assessment Programs, largely because the associated Team Supercharger Questionnaire improves upon the industry standard First-Person Behavior Statement Agreement Model, where a participant reads a statement proposing they behave a certain way, and is offered multiple choices of how much they agree with the statement (Strongly, Somewhat, Not Much, None). Team Supercharger replaces this common model with an exclusive Third-Person Behavior Frequency Reference Model, where the participant reads a statement about another person’s behavior, and is offered multiple choices of how frequently they mimic that behavior (Always, Usually, Sometimes, Never). This improved method of inquiry succeeds in mitigating defensive reactions to the statements, and encouraging a more honest response about how much they relate to others’ behavior.


Team Supercharger Personality Typing

Team Supercharger Reports identify and describe the participant’s “Interpersonal Style” (a.k.a. Personality Type) based upon a highly pragmatic interpretation of the 9 Types of the Enneagram of Personality, which is a validated and reliable method of representing the expression an individual’s personality. This 9 Type / 3×3 Model was chosen for the Team Supercharger Reports because it is much easier to remember and apply than our competitors’ 16 Type / 4×4 model, while actually offering more Style variations. This is because you only have to remember 9 numbered Styles, but each Style has an adjacent “Influencing Style” (e.g. predominantly Style 1 with a Style 2 influence) so knowledge of the 9 Styles, with 2 possible variations of each, can be applied to identify 18 unique Personality Types; more than any of our competitors.


Team Supercharger Trait Descriptions

Team Supercharger Reports also identify and describe the participant’s “Work Habits” (a.k.a. Personality Traits) based upon an expanded and modernized Jackson Personality Research Form that renames unfamiliar psychometric Personality Trait titles with plain-language business terminology. Team Supercharger Reports present analysis of 24 Work Habits in 6 categories (more than any of our competitors) with letter-grades (A, B, C, D, F) and colored charts that provide “At a Glance” understanding of how optimally the participant applies the listed Work Habits in 3 different Job Roles. Summary descriptions of each Work Habit are provided, along with detailed descriptions that include Professional Advancement Instructions for each Work Habit, even if it’s “A” graded.

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