●  Certification Training  ●
     Facilitates Pay Raises and Promotions

●  Hiring Insight  ●
     Predicts Job Candidate Work Habits

●  Career Booster  ●
     for Boosting Productivity and Profits


Team Supercharger Clients Include:

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The world’s most comprehensive Professional Performance Booster, combining Psychometric Assessments with Certification Training, all Simplified in Plain Language so anyone can quickly apply it.

Career Booster More Info

Motivates Teams and Resolves Interpersonal Problems

Facilitates Pay Raises and Job Promotions

Hiring Insight More Info

Provides Insight about a Candidate’s Work Habits

Predicts How Candidates Will Get Along with Others

Certification Training More Info

Boosts Staff Productivity and Company Profits

Makes Workdays Easier and More Enjoyable

Three Reports In One

Each Team Supercharger Report assesses three different Roles for a given participant, including:

Productivity & Assistance
Presentation & Promotion
Management & Planning

Each of these broad Roles can be applied to determine suitability for many different job titles, including creative positions that might combine two of these Roles, or executive positions that might combine all three of the assessed Roles. Example job titles associated with each of the assessed Roles are presented in the right column:

Certification Training Included

Each Team Supercharger Subscription includes access to over 50 Certification Courses that transform Bad Work Habits
into Certified Expertise, to facilitate Productivity and Profit Increases, Pay Raises and Promotions.

Can be applied to any Job Position

Productivity & Assistance

  • Skilled Labor
  • Food or Hospitality Service
  • Equipment Installation or Repair
  • Customer Service or Tech Support

Presentation & Promotion

  • Retail Sales or Prospecting
  • Business to Business Sales
  • Creative Writer or Marketer
  • Education or Consulting

Management & Planning

  • Foreman or Manager
  • Business Executive
  • R&D, Engineer or Sys Admin
  • Director or Choreographer

Team Supercharger Pricing

Team Supercharger Kit          $499-

 ♦  Includes Team Supercharger Management Portal

      ( required to purchase additional Reports & Subscriptions )

 ♦  Includes 12 Month Career Booster Subscription

      ( for 1 participant )

 ♦  Includes Everything else in the Venture Activist Kit

      ( 12 Business Cloud Apps, and more! )

( more info about the Venture Activist Kit Contents below )

Additional Career Booster Subscriptions $49 per month

Each Monthly Subscription includes:

 ♦  1 Career Booster Questionnaire

 ♦  20 Page Career Booster Report

 ♦  Access to over 50 Certification Courses  (for 1 participant)

      ( 2 months mimimum with at least 30 days notice to cancel )


Hiring Insight Reports $49 each

 ♦  1 Career Booster Questionnaire

 ♦  2 Page Hiring Insight Report


Hiring Insight Discounts

 ♦  Purchase 10 Reports and get 2 Free

 ♦  Purchase 20 Reports and get 4 Free

 ♦  Purchase 75 Reports and get 25 Free

Venture Activist Kit Contents

Venture Activist Kit:  $499.00

Kit includes installation and custom configuration of

Complete TeamFunding System (1 TeamFunder for 12 months)

Team Supercharger Kit (1 Participant for 12 months)

Complete Super Marketing Cloud (for unlimited users)

Super Customer Relations Manager (for unlimited users)

Kit also Includes Exclusive Member Access to
12 Super Support Services (some free, others for a fee)

The Venture Activist Kit includes 12 months of service on our

Core Cloud Platform ( $19 per month thereafter )

Handles up to 10,000 page views per day *

Includes 10gb high-speed data storage

Includes 12 Wealth Creation Systems

Includes Free Tech Support and Video Training *

Includes Access to our Super Support Services


I have not stopped raving about the eye-opening material presented in these Team Supercharger Reports… While most professionals seem to think we have all the right skills to operate in our jobs, we become naive to some perceptions or habits we display with others. This program helps us to understand and improve those habits. The Career Booster Report gives you, down to the detail, one’s strengths and flaws that as an employee of a large company, one can use to better your leadership skills and get the raise you’re looking for.

Joe Spano

Assistant General Manager, House of Blues Boston

When I was in business school, one of my professors commented “if people weren’t diverse, we wouldn’t need managers.” My team is a talented group of six VERY diverse people… Team Supercharger gives us insights into our individual strengths and weaknesses. Unlike the traditional evaluations, the Career Booster program ALSO gives us ideas of how to manage BETWEEN team members. If we know WHY certain conflicts arise, we can move aggressively to work past them, resulting in a happier and more productive work environment.

David Edwards

President, Heron Financial Group

The Team Supercharger gave me some much needed insight into the deeper personalities of my team. The Career Booster Reports were in depth, but easy to understand and leverage to improve interpersonal relations between staff, while increasing their output and improving their job satisfaction at the same time.

Adam Raugh

President, X-Laser LLC

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